And so your search for 'Jamie Browning' has brought you here.
Depending upon which 'Jamie Browning' you were looking for, that may or may not be a bad thing.
The particular 'Jamie Browning' who owns this domain is a singer, artist, writer, gardener and wardrobe stylist, among other things, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

However this website, although not currently under construction, is under consideration re: whether or not it will end up under construction. Or face termination.
Since there are so many ways to connect these days, for us this site has become, of late, neglected online real estate.
Perhaps you've arrived here because "Jamie Browning" is also YOUR name, and you'd like to purchase the .com?
There's certainly no shortage of people with the name, as we've noticed. Offers considered!

But back to connecting (should that be your intention). Here are a few links for now:

*See 'Blues Element' for links to Blues Element music, videos, Facebook etc.
**Available worldwide
at most online stores & streaming services (search for 'Jamie Browning' & 'Jamie Browning Band')
and also from Jamie on actual old-fashioned CDs. Btw, thanks for visiting, and have a lovely, (Vain)glorious day.

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